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About me

I am an Italian singer, composer, multi-instrumentalist, arranger, vocal coach, choreographer and advertising creative. Producer and Publisher since 1989 I have been hidden under many nick names that made the history of dance music in 80ies, 90ies and 2000. I recorded more than 1281 records for BMG, WEA, EMI, VIRGIN, Rumors, Asia records, Hit Mania, Chrysalis, Time, Polygram, New Music, Champion, Bit Club, RTI, Media Records, Discomagic, Dig IT, UMM, IDM, X-Energy, Ishtar, DFC, Bearing, Saifam, Susy Dal Gesso Enterprise, Universal Music

  • 1997 TELETHON live on Rete Azzurra television
  • 4 years of shows for LA CITTÀ DELLA SPERANZA to raise funds for children affected by leucemia one of this in co-operation with Romina Power
  • 1999 ”Festa dell’Aria” volonteers for a clean town
  • 2000 30 ORE PER LA VITA with Lorella Cuccarini live on Canale5 and “IO DO UN CANTO A TE TU DAI UN GIOCO A ME” a set to teach to children to read and sing
  • 2005 GOSPEL NIGHT with Radio Company & Spirit & Dance
  • 2008 Place no labels on me, the Album to feed children in emergency
  • FESTIVAL SHOW 2008 & 2009 Radio Birikina, Bella e Monella
  • 2010 I FAVOLOSI ANNI 60 for Lions Club to help Cuamm Doctors and the children of S.Luke Hospital in Anga and worked in the musical performances of James Tont, Beppe Braida, Leonardo Manera, Sergio Sgrilli, Paolo Migone
  • 1986 Castrocaro
  • 1990 GARDALAND & NATURA signature tune directed by Gabriella Carlucci & Ovidio Martucci on RAI 1
  • Piacere RAI 1 with Toto Cutugno, Piero Badaloni & Simona Marchini and Gigi Sabani
  • Gran Premio, tv show directed by Pippo Baudo on Rai 1.
  • Festivalbar ’90 with Gerry Scotti
  • Fantastico 1991 with Raffaella Carrà, Johnny Dorelli & Gianfranco d’Angelo on Rai 1, artistic director Sergio Japino, choreographies by Franco Miseria (among the competitors Raul Cremona, Leonardo Pieraccioni and Massimo Lopez)
  • 1993 CRAZY DANCE signature tune in 14 Italian Districts three times a day
  • Caos Live 1994 by Video Music as best european artist
  • “Karaoke” Italia 1 with Fiorello in 1996
  • “Sogni e Canzoni-Musica per la solidarietà” on RAI 1 with Red Ronnie & Elisabetta Gardini
  • 1997 Leading voice on the signature tune of Tele Montecarlo 2 “The Lion Trophy” with Adriana Volpe singing the song “OKAY”.
  • 1997 Guests and musician for 11 episodes at Amichevolmente live at Italia Nove Network
  • 2003 live on SKY TV dressed like Santa Claus singing “Music” by John Miles and “All I want for Christmas is you” by Mariah Carey together with #100 Santa Claus dancers for best wishes to all tv audience. The same year at SANREMO’s selections
  • 2009 Tv guest at Tele Nord Est
  • 2011 Tv guest at Tele Serenissima
  • 2012 on Rai International at Festival della Canzone Italiana di New York and Sal Palmeri’s New York Music Festival
  • 1998 actress in the movie “La vita che verrà” with Valeria Golino & Stefano Dionisi in 4 episodes on RAI 1 for RAI 1 Fiction, directed by Pasquale Pozzessere
  • 1999 actress in the movie “La Lingua del santo” with Antonio Albanese, Fabrizio Bentivoglio & Isabella Ferrari, directed by Carlo Mazzacurati.
  • 2001 actress in the movie “Ripley’s game” with John Malcovich & Dougray Scott, directed by Liliana Cavani
  • 2004 Participation in Mandy Moore’s movie “Chasing Liberty”, directed by Andy Cadiff

In Italian National of Artistic Gymnastic with Ardor until 12 after having won municipal, provincials, Districts and National Competitions. I was gold medal 200mt juniores and silver in 400mt of Athletics, volleyball and competitive tennis up to the regionals. Member of the Italian Asics hip-hop team.
I studied 9 years with famous choreographers: Michael Jackson’s (Milo Levell) Madonna’s (Madonna Grimes) and Willie Smith’s (Robin Sheldon) and with Tony Stone and Joe Smith, Berry Younglblood (Will Smith’s choreographer), Steve LaChance, Kledy, José, Maria Zaffino, Jill Cooper, Claudio Melamed, Rebecca Small, Steve Schiemer, Serafino Ambrosio, Edson Guiu, Elizeu, Hemerson Maiko Silverio, Laure Courtellement, Lionel Lacolas, Audry Fourcade, Jessica Mellet, Jerome Durand, Gabriel Francisco, Patrick Nahafahick, Jessica Esposito, Daniele Baldi, Jo Sassi, Giovanna Camuffo. I’ve been teaching for over 16 years as qualified and certified instructor in varius disciplines such us: FUNK, AEROBICA, BODY COMBACT, BABY FUNK. I’m certified with REEBOK University as “Specialized Reebok Instructor” recognized all other the world and SWORDS COMBACT with NIKE certificate, using body and voice together. I was sponsored by Asics, Reebok, Adidas and other sport trade marks during my fitness career.


33 years of experience. I teach singing using up to 4 languages (English, French, Spanish & Italian) in para-university sessions or in masterclasses wherever required. I took part of Italian Association Teachers of Singing (AICI) from the foundation up to 2008, I know the application of Alexander’s techniques and osteopathy. 1st-2nd Voice Craft Level plus practice sessions and distorted voice. Certified as VP instructor in Los Angeles. I also use exercises developped by Speech Level Singing, TVC methods using Vocal Fry and Whistle Register. Journalist at International Congress of Phoniatrics and Speech Therapy in Ravenna from 1996 to 2013 and to several phonosurgery congresses. Vocal coach of Summertime Gospel Choir HeArt Choir, Walter Fontana (Italian rock group LOST) and other artists I trained for International and National tv shows (Rossana Gallio at “Io canto, Canale 5” third edition with Gerry Scotti). I directed gospel choirs in NYC, Los Angeles, San Francisco, London & Italy


Sound Engineer for 14 years  in International fitness conventions where I also performed as choreographer, and personal sound engineer of Michael Jackson’s choreographer and the one of Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake, Janet Jackson & Jennifer Lopez (Jill Cooper, Madonna Grimes, Tony Stone, Milo levell, Claudio Melamed, Rebecca Small, Steve Schiemer, Serafino Ambrosio, Edson Guiu, Elizeu, Hemerson Maiko Silverio, Laure Courtellement, Lionel Lacolas, Audry Fourcade, Jessica Mellet, Jerome Durand, Gabriel Francisco, Patrick Nahafahick, Jessica Esposito, Daniele Baldi, Jo Sassi, Giovanna Camuffo, Barry Youngblood, Patrick Duncan, Marco Tosini).

Sound engineer of “Amici” di Maria de Filippi Canale 5 for two consecutive years in live shows with Steve La Chance, Kledy, José, Maria Zaffino, Klaidi, Francesco Capodacqua, Antonino, Sabatino D’Eustacchio, Francesca Dario, Anbeta Toromani, Valerio, Sabrina Ghio, Leon Cino, Lidia Cocciolo, Samantha Fantauzzi.

As Composer and Vocalist with Mogol, Chope, Gianni Bella, Giuseppe Gioni Barbera, Marco Marrone, Sergio Menegale, Beppe Dati, Gatto Panceri, Gianni Bella, Tino Silvestri, Bruno Tibaldi, Ruggero Robin, Mauro Ferrucci, Christian Hornbostel, Ottomix, Yano, Igor Orso, Massimino, Ralf, Bellini, Gemolotto, Minuz, Davide Zambelli, Gigi Sabani, Nino Frassica, Vittorio Matteucci, Sergio Cossu, Jay Rolandi (Firefly), Righeira, Glenn White (Kano) Davide Romani, Mike Francis, Gino Paoli, Francesco Baccini, Biagio Antonacci, Lucio Dalla, Arthur Miles, Jacopo Jacopetti, Federico Vassallo, Gianfranco Destro, Sheila Jordan, Jay Clayton, Eva Simontacchi, ESP trio (Attilio Zanchi, Roberto Cipelli & Gianni Cazzola), Roberto Buti (Laura Pausini & Marco Masini), GianMarco Mazzi, Bibi Ballandi, Dj. Fidelfatti, Massimo Giabardo, Moratto, Roberto Costa, Alex Acuna, Giulio Capiozzo, Oskar Cartaya, Enzo Todesco, Lino Lodi, Stefano Mango, Rednex, Fulvio Zafret, Giovanni Procopio (Dj.Colella), Francesco Contadini, Massimo Belladonna, Marco Lombardo, Andrea Acchioni, Riccardo Stecca, Roberto Milesi, Agostini, Dj. Herbie, Mario Percali, Sandy Dian, Mario Clima, Max Lee, Luca Francioso, Nichetti, Mulas, Franco Fussi, Elisabeth Howard, Anna Gotti, Alejandro Martinez, Elisa Turlà, Elisa, Albert Hera, Michael Jackson’s Team, Incognito, Dj Activator, Roberto Fellini, Red Ronnie, Elisabetta Gardini, Arisa, Dirotta Su Cuba, Carmen Villalba, Selen, Paolo Vallesi, Valter Fontana, The Platters.

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